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Me Laura With Love About this NYC girl named Laura

Hi there lol. My name is Laura and I'm a Grobanite, as you may have seen and I absolutley admire Josh Groban for his voice and charity work. He's a beautiful respectful man...Actually scratch that he's not a man, he's an angel sent by God down to earth as a baby. :D And my all time favorite singer. My first favorite movie and musical is The Lion King, gotta love Simba. My favorite actor is Dan Green who voices the two main chracters Yami and Yugi on Yu-Gi-Oh! I beleive that war is wrong, and all animals are equal. From the cockroach to the elephant. I love nature just like my sister Sharon. I'm scared of hights ummm lol.

Close to my heart is The Phantom of The Opera. Not only has Josh impacted my life with an imprint, but so has POTO. I've seen many movie versions of it and saw it on broadway November 19, 2008.



Need A Map?
by Sharon Fleischer
It was my first day at school. I felt nervous and scared.
I went to all my classes with no friends. It felt like no one cared.
I listened anxiously to all the lessons, and waited for lunch-break at one.
Then finally, the lunch bell rang. It was time to talk and have fun.
On the lunch line, I met a new friend who wore a hijab on her head,
And though I am Jewish, we got along fine, and I was so relieved when she said,
"Sit with us, at our table." She pointed to the one next to the door.
So I agreed, and took my tray, and was about to walk with her across the floor,
When suddenly I felt a nudge. "Hey, I saw you on the bus,"
Said a tall girl in a long skirt. "I see your Jewish star necklace. You should sit with us."
At that moment, I looked around, and that's when I noticed, to my surprise,
The nations of the world, isolating themselves. That's what I saw through my own eyes.
The Spanish only sat with Spanish, the Hindus only with Hindus,
The Russians always with the Russians, and never the Arabs with the Jews.
I saw the reason why war gets started: Everyone sticks with their own kind.
The lunchroom was a map of the world! Why was everyone so blind?
And so I turned down this girl, and went with the first, and there was no enmity.
I built a bridge between two worlds when I sat with those different from me

My Future Grave
by Sharon Fleischer

I didn't know her very long. I am her second daughter.
So young was I, barely weaned, when they sent her off for slaughter.
I didn't know that's what it was, why they'd taken her away.
No one ever comes back from there. No one can ever say.
They wrapped a chain around her neck, and tugged and shoved her in.
She gave me one last loving look. I never saw her again.

You may have seen her, just last night. That may have been her flesh.
You didn't know how kind she was. You only knew how fresh.
Your tongues savor her arms and legs. Your stomachs are her grave.
And very soon I will be next. I am your taste buds' slave.

Here I stand, unable to move, for your tongues like our flesh tender.
And they inject me now and then, for you don't like me slender.
If your mother is departed, they buried her in the ground.
But mine was buried in your freezer, once she was nice and round.
Some of you may end up eating my eyes, but gaze into them before you do.
Try hard to understand what I and my kind are going through.

Suddenly they deem me ready. I'm worthy, big and fat.
They march us to our deaths, but I'm not yet aware of that.
We're shoved into a boxcar in the freezing winter air.
We shiver as a wind picks up, but they just don't care.
The journey is long and cold. Some of us faint and fall.
When it's over they rip us from where we stand, our skin stuck to the wall.

They herd us onto something shiny, and suddenly I hear the screams
Of fear of death of the slicing blade, like something out of my dreams.
And I too begin to panic, but by now it's just too late.
And only you can save me from my upcoming painful fate.
Our blood is flowing like rivers, our bones thrown in the trash,
And all for an insatiable desire for meat, and all for the want of cash.

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    elise happyfeet

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    Hell yes! Unfortunately, Ramin left the company last month after only two years as the Phantom to pursue other activivties, such as working on the Phantom sequel Phantom: Love Never Dies. I've also never seen the stage musical before, only the 2004 movie adapatation, in which Ramin had a cameo as Chrisine's father, and I must say, the stage version looks way better. My other phavorite Phantoms are Michael Crawford, Howard McGillin (who left in July), John Cudia (who replaced Howard), and Hugh Panaro.
    Original comment »


    Reply from Angelquee:

    Yeah I knew Ramin played Christine's father in the 2004 movie. Ramin has a very nice voice. Oh Howard McGillin was the main role when I saw the show last November.

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    Thank You for Your answer;)
    If I understand, Your grandma is not Pole, She only was born and lived in Poland for 8 years. You said that her main language is Yiddish, and She didn't know of Polish very good. Because of the reasons, I suspect She is not Pole. But I can make a mistake.

    ...Vriblig...I don't know about this village. But Auschwitz I know of corse (horrible place:/). Auschwitz in Oświęcim lies in Southern Poland and I don't know this region very well because I live in West part of Poland.
    She lived there between the First and the Second World War, so a lot of towns in Poland had German names. Maybe nowadays "Vriblig" still is, but is called in a different way. Unfortunately, I didn't find information about it:(

    And last question;] We are talking about Your Grandmother but I don't know what is her nameimage (My granny is Cecily:) In Polish language: Cecylia).

    ...about Josh...
    A lot of people think that if his father was Jewish, he had to has Polish roots. Yes, in past a lot of Jews lived in Poland, but no all of them were Poles.
    In Internet I read:
    "J.G. was born in Los Angeles, California, to a Jewish-American father (a descendant of Polish and Russian immigrants)..."
    So maybe Josh's grandfather or grandmother had Polish roots. And maybe Josh's great grandfather or great grandmother had Polish roots, etc. And maybe They only lived in Poland but They weren't Poles. Do You understand me? This is too complicated for me :/

    Och Josh, I like Your multicultural family, but You and Your Family Tree are still mystery for me...

    Thank You, Laura for everyting ;)
    You are lucky girl because You live in USA. I don't like my country, especially because HERE people don't love Josh :(

    Joshie hugs:*

    Original comment »


    Reply from Angelquee:

    Hi :)

    Yeah :). My grandma's name is Sylvia. Cecily is a nice name! Thanks for saying I'm lucky :). My grandma says I'm lucky I was born in the US because I was never born before a war. Not because of Josh ;). But aren't there any Polish Grobanites?


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    Hi Laura,
    I had to write again. You wrote that Your grandmothet was from Poland. It's very interesting, especially for me, You understand :)
    Can You tell me something about Your grandma and Your Polish Family? Where did She live? What town? Do You know?
    And Your Parents. Do They speak in Polish language? Maybe You know this "very hard" (it's true) language?

    Sorry for my questions but I "met" someone who has got connections with Poland first time. So I would like to know everything:D

    I read that Josh has got Polish roots. Is it true? Do You know something about? I want to believe that it is TRUE! I'll be the happiest person on the Earth :D
    ...but Josh told about Norwegian and Russian root. ONLY! Did he tell about Polish? I didn't hear, unfortunately:( But I hope it is not only rumor...

    P.S. Also I apologize You for my "language" and my mistakes. You don't afraid to correct me, I expect it;]

    Joshie huuuuugs:*
    Have a nice day;)


    Reply from Angelquee:

    Hi Agnieszka!

    Don't worry your English is very good :) Of course! I would love telling you about her. Well my grandmother was born in 1919 and came from the town of Vriblig. It was a very small village - I'm not sure if you would know about it. I can't remember what major city it was near but I do know unfortunately that it was very near Auschwitz - you know the concentration camp that was in the time of the Holocaust. Since her father was already in America, he sent for my grandmother and her mother and both of them came to America in 1927. My grandmother lived on a farm with a cow and a horse in Poland :) When she was very sick one time, she went to a doctor in the town in a wagon pulled by a horse. She can speak English very well now but Yiddish was her main language growing up in Poland but she also knew a little bit of Polish.

    No my parents don't speak Polish but only English. My grandmother met my grandfather in America. Yeah I do know that Josh has Polish roots because his father was Jewish before he married Josh's mother so Jewish roots tend to stretch back to Poland.

    I hope this helps :)

    -Joshie hugs-


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    Laura & Sharon,
    Sure, you can call, but I will be in & out all weekend.
    2 of my kids are in a children's theatre production of "Cats" this Sunday, & then Mon. & Tues., three of them are in 101 Dalmations!
    The oldest of my kids, Tom, is too busy traveling to be involved in theatre. I wish I had his schedule!
    Probably the best time to call would be Mon., Wed., or Thurs. after 8 pm. (I think that I have misplaced your phone # :()
    Hope to hear from you soon:)

    Original comment »
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    I was just thinking of you & Sharon over last weekend. I came across that VIP pass that we had found on the ground, & that started me thinking about the whole day & how lucky I was to meet the two of you!
    Original comment »


    Reply from Angelquee:

    Oh wow...! That's so scary! Hey Amy do you have a facebook? Sharon and I would love to add you. I'll also try calling you this weekend. Would that be all right? :)